Chris Russell Photo

Chris Russell (pictured here with Daughter Maia) is
Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Attimoto. 


Chris leads the software engineering team and is involved with product development, product design and driving product strategies including social, software architecture, and mobile.


In twenty eight years of application developmentcal Chris has seen it all. Never daunted by new or different languages or environments, Chris cut his teeth on Assembly and C and still has an autographed copy of Dennis Ritchie's “The C Programming Language”. Chris has coded in every modern and not so modern language; interpreted or compiled bound early or late or generated on the fly.


Chris brings a broad spectrum of technology solutions to all projects. He is quick to understand and jump into the Domain Model of a given project and apply his experience to provide sensible and effecient solutions for customers. A true code-slinger infamous for his farm animal variable names and colorful comments. Never one to be told it can't be done because he will prove that it can.


Chris is currently heavily involved in the design and implementation of the Attimoto data acquisition and analysis tools. Chris has spent the last 12 years as an independent contractor under the name Russell Software Consulting. Before that he worked with a diverse set of companies and industries ranging from the medical industry to Department of Energy research labratories and Nuclear power plants. Most of his recent work has been in the realm of enterprise integration but started in more technical projects.