Service Experience

At attimoto we pride ourselves at being well rounded and flexible.  Our primary focus of late has been enterprise integration. The depth of our experience and leadership spans much more.

Enterprise Integration

The attimoto team has a long history of integrating the enterprise.  We've built custom interfaces to communicate between applications and devices for just about everything imaginable.  Our numerous application server, service bus, and business process management implementations combined with this repertoire of interfaces gives a us truly unique and hard to find breadth of expertise. This expertise spans a wide variety of industries and settings, ranging from insurance corporations to public utilities, semiconductor manufacturing facilities and national laboratories.


The bulk of our application server, service bus, portal, and business process management experience lies with JBoss and IBM products.  Our team is heavily skilled with the J2EE stacks; EJB3, RESTful services, WSDL/SOAP, CDI, persistence and entity management using hibernate. Service bus experience is with Tibco and jboss's ESB. Lately we've been using Seam, JSF and Ajax, along with RichFaces and JavaScript to build user interfaces.  And our current databases of choice are PostgreSQL and DB2, although we've been around the block with a bunch of them (Oracle, SQLServer, mysql, sqlite, etc.).

Content Management

Enterprise content management and web content management are neccessary to fully round out and integrate systems.  We've been there and done that too.  The folks at attimoto understand document routing for enterprise content and its importance in a company's overall workflow.

In addition, we are well acquainted with the nuances of dynamic web sites and the need for efficient web content management.  Our team has implemented numerous content management systems using Alfresco and IBM's suite of content management products.  In support of these systems we have specified and implemented a variety of highly fault tolerant RAID systems using both redundantly pathed fibre channel and switched SAS.

Configuration Management Services

We understand just how critical configuration management is to the long term success of software projects.  Thorough configuration management has always been part of the backbone of our success.  Whether it's GIT or CVS, Maven, Ant or hand-rolled we've done it.  

Data Acquisition and Control System Services

Our data acquisition and control system deployments have ranged from many thousands of points local to large power facilites to just a handful of points in remote locations.  We are experts at acquiring and distributing data for monitoring and control.  Our hardware expertise includes National Instruments, RTP Corp, Allen Bradley, ABB and Honeywell.

Project Services

Yes, we've been doing Agile development lately, but that doesn't mean we don't know all of the nuts and bolts of a complete project. It reads like an encyclopedia of project services so we made it into this big scary list.


Conceptual design Functional requirements Specification development
Specification conformance Project schedules Cost estimates and rollups
Resource loading Project plan development Milestone development


Software requirements Hardware requirements  Hardware setup/configuration
System setup/configuration Network setup/configuration Design documentation
Custom code development Database development/loading Integration
Configuration management Test plan development Unit testing
Factory testing Site testing Operating documentation
Maintenance documentation Training programs Training
Project management Milestone evaluation Budgetary analysis
Workflow design/implementation Schedule maintenance  


Onsite support Remote Support Debugging/troubleshooting
Verification testing Migration planning Continued training