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Integration Specialists

Our enterprise integration solutions utilize the full spectrum of the latest application server, enterprise service bus, business process management and service oriented architecture tools. Our expertise allows us to capitalize on your existing systems and provide reliable/flexible integration results as your systems evolve. In addition to gluing it all together, we also excel at providing unparalleled user interfaces to the integrated environment. Whether it be expert integration services, enterprise content management, data acquisition/control systems, configuration management or complete project implementations, we provide results.

The attimoto team has decades of real world experience together. This wealth of combined knowledge is why we repeatedly deliver quality and value. We are versatile and not beholden to any one platform. We can integrate anything.


Currently our enterprise middleware platform of choice is JBoss, although we also provide solutions using WebSphere, WebLogic and GlassFish. In using the JBoss platform, we've been developing our latest web based user interfaces with RichFaces, Ajax and Seam. All of our enterprise and web content management deployments are either Alfresco or IBM's DB2 Content Manager. The most recent of our data acquisition and control system implementations utilized equipment from National Instruments, RTP Corp,, Allen Bradley and ABB. And lastly, we've been using git and maven for the last year or so in lieu of the classic ant and svn/cvs world.

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