The attimoto team is a unique blend of vision, execution, and talent. Vision that understands where technolgy meets business. Execution that makes the combination profitable. And talent, to make it happen quickly, and magically.

Strategic Partnerships:

We partner with several companies when projects grow beyond our available bandwidth and where specific technical or creative skills are required. One of our primary partnerships is with Infocus helps us provide LAMP, .NET, and creative talent as well as providing some of our hosting solutions.


From the RadioShack TRS 80 Coco and bright orange Pong game to the iPhone, Chris has written applications at the leading edge of technology for over 28 years.


Chris has an innate ability to visualize implementation plans for any software development situation. A throwback to old school Computer Sciences, he still knows hex and can do two's complement math.


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Glynn's twenty-five plus years of experience and ground level involvement in the industry are critical to our team.  He has successfully driven multiple projects from concept to implementation and is definitely the “hands on” type.


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Ben loves to deliver results.  

End to end, start to finish results. He uses his hard-core engineering background, together with his passion for art, to ensure the user experience is both effective and rewarding.


From strategy to return on investment, he has led initiatives in industrial controls, enterprise search, business intelligence, asset management, and web applications. That's from M2M technologies, to wikis and web sites.


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