Glynn is Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Attimoto.


Glynn leads our services team, infrastructure and is heavily involved in our product development of big data technologies in the cloud.


He has twenty-five plus years of experience and ground level involvement in the industry are critical to our team.  He has successfully driven multiple projects from concept to implementation and is definitely the “hands on” type.


Having grown up in the world of academia and technology, his field of practice as a professional is quite broad.

Software engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics and professional writing were the primary focuses of his formal education. His professional pursuits first led him into data acquisition systems, historians, calculation engines, user interfaces and network communications.  These pursuits were mainly within the context of providing services to public utilities and performing research work for national laboratories and typically meant building complex standalone systems. 


As time progressed, Glynn’s career moved to include integrating complex standalone systems and the custom interfaces required to do so.  He has a long history of building custom interfaces between standalone systems as a matter of overall system integration.


With the arrival of application servers, content management systems, enterprise service bus technology and business process management systems, all of the tools were in place for Glynn’s many recent successes designing and building complex fully integrated and highly distributed computer systems.  These recent pursuits have included the insurance industry, semi-conductor manufacturing and public utilities.


In addition to being a key member of our services team, Glynn is heavily involved in our product development of big data technologies in the cloud.