We specify, configure and integrate
data acquisition and control system hardware.

Legacy DAS Upgrade

One of the most remarkable data acquistion system (DAS) implementations we've performed was actually a legacy DAS upgrade. We were instrumental in the original/legacy DAS and took it from there for the upgrade.

We'd moved the server side from standalone servers and dumb terminals to networked Sun/Solaris clients and servers, but we had to leave the old DAS in place. The old DAS was actually quite reliable, redundant ModComp395s with little MotorolaIPS vampires for TCP/IP communications to the servers. Thousands of analog and digital points were being sent raw via TCP/IP for further processing. The old stuff finally had to go. We racked and stacked it with new processors, I/O gear and terminations.

The upgrade was really pretty cool. It was basically a late model (RTP Corp) distributed DAS implementation with database driven acquisition, communications, calculation, alarming and archival that followed the new gear. It's fully redundant and runs 24/7. Check out the gallery on this one.